1426533_10153419684605366_212241150_n1 The 7th Government of Uganda/United Nations Population Fund country programme calls upon the utilization of community leaders to champion and support advocacy for   population and development issues interventions. This is in recognition of the key role champions play in influencing and promoting policies, good cultural norms/practices and bye-laws especially at district level to address population issues. Champions are also a link between the leadership and local communities since they are able to reach the most difficult places. The Population Secretariat with support for UNFPA has 32 champions for the districts of Moroto, Kanungu, Moroto, Kaabong, Amudat, Arua, Yumbe, Bundibugyo,  Gulu and Kitgum districts. There are two categories of champions i.e. Regular champions and Councillor champions. At national level we have four national champions to enhance advocacy effort at national, district and lower levels. By virtue of their status in public to command authority and influence decisions, champions are able to participate in public debates and media programmes to create awareness and mobilize support from the communities and to demand policy change in order to address P&D issues in the districts. The objectives of the population champions are: 1. To increase awareness of amongst policy makers. 2. To promote inclusion of population development issues (including gender, reproductive health and family planning) in policy and programmes. 3. To influence change in local behaviors and practices. 4. To solicit  increment budgetary allocations and support for population programme at all levels The Population Champions Programme is considered a superior programme for its ability to reach the most remote populations in Uganda. Further, the decentralization of the message creates a more organic, approachable message to the audience.

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